howard snell

entstehung: 1999 für die tenor horn society auf anfrage von gordon higginbottom geschrieben.

aufbau: 4 verschiedene sätze: refrains and choruses, ballad, improvisation, galopp

bemerkung des komponisten: "these four bagatelles were written at the request of gordon higginbottom for the tenor horn society, and are dedicated to him just for being himself ... unique and loveable.
the word 'bagatelle' can mean 'a mere trifle', or the board game which was my favourite as a child. beethoven used the title for some of his most extraordinarily daring piano pieces, one of which is only thirteen bars long.
this group of bagatelles is meant to give enjoyment and fun to players and listeners alike. the first is ridicously difficult: that's the way it wrote itself ... i was almoust powerless to intervene. the second is an homage to brahms, with two brief quotations, one from a song of his, and another metamorphosed from a well known work for brass band. the third is an aria in the general style of a movement from a bach cello suite, bach being a composer so perfect as almost to preclude homage. the fourth movement is a silly galop containing, like the first, a certain amount of comic interplay between the players.

begleitung: klavier
verlag: kirklees music